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Wildlife Photography Adventures

the experiences, the places, the species and more ....

                                  to 'tickspics'  -  Wildlife Photography Adventures by Tony Enticknap


This domain is my little piece of the internet where I can display some of my wildlife and nature images, and write about the places my wife and I have visited during our various travels, the experiences we’ve had and the species we’ve seen, or any other related subject that takes my fancy. In this respect you could say that ’tickspics’ is a personal website but, at the same time, I hope it’s one that holds general interest.


As the primary function of this welcome page is to provide quick access to the three main sections of the website, namely ‘collections’, ‘places’ and ‘species’ as briefly described below, I’ve dropped the ‘about me’ introduction and the associated notes regarding the website structure to the bottom of the page. You can read now if you wish, or return later once you’ve explored the site. 



This is my photo gallery, incorporating themed albums that feature some of my favourite wildlife images.

(hover over the photos to directly access an album, or visit the gallery home page)


A travel section for location write-ups

and trip reports, duly organised and listed

by geographical region.

Humpback Whale
Copy of Southern_Tamandua_2_edited.jpg


A series of articles providing a more detailed account of certain birds and animals.

Incorporates 'data files' for classification notes, taxonomy information and personal lists.

About me ....

Hi, my name is Tony Enticknap - an enthusiastic, amateur wildlife photographer from East Dorset, UK.

I’m passionate about nature and love travelling and am fortunate that my wife Tris shares the same interests, including the desire to visit remote areas of the world where you can still see wild animals and exotic birds in their natural habitat.  

Whilst our travels have taken us to some incredible destinations, our fondest memories are of the times we've spent in the bush and on the open savannas of East Africa, or exploring the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil. Indeed it was our first experiences of those wonderful places that inspired

me to start the original 'tickspics' website back in 2013. We’ve returned to those areas a few times and, additionally, have been fortunate in visiting other equally enthralling places including the Galápagos Islands, Costa Rica, Peruvian Amazon and the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, plus a few other destinations closer to home.

Tony Enticknap

For us, photography, wildlife and travel go hand in hand to the point that it's sometimes difficult to separate them. These days we rarely photograph anything that doesn’t have feathers or fur and, although we do spend some time out locally, our serious wildlife photography pursuits centre around our overseas trips. From a personal point of view I want to ensure that we retain the memories of these trips so that we can look back at them in the future, whether it’s next month or in ten years' time. That’s the prime purpose of ’tickspics’

If the website interests you and you'd like to know more about me as a person, or want to read a bit about my

current gear or preferred camera settings then please see the dedicated 'about me’ page.

About me



You may have noticed that ‘tickspics' has had a facelift. There’s a bit more to it than that, but suffice to say that some unwanted system changes effectively forced me to find a new platform and start again. So, like the 'phoenix rising from the ashes', this is the new and hopefully improved ’tickspics’. The concept is much the same, but the site now has a more modern and simplified interface. The most notable change is that instead of including hundreds of photos in location-based albums or within countless species-grouped sets, I've opted for a far simpler approach featuring significantly fewer photos. This cut-back format works as I’m now starting to use my Flickr photostream as my primary on-line, day-to-day photo album, which should enable me to keep ‘tickspics’ clean, uncluttered and current.


My favourite images are now displayed within a single ‘collections’ gallery that’s subdivided into a relatively small number of themed albums. Next is the section entitled ‘places’, which is a trimmed-down version of my old ‘travel’ section. It still includes a mixture of location write-ups and trip journals, but now excludes all of the associated ecozone and habitat details. I’ve kept navigation as simple as possible deliberately avoiding sub-menus.

The other main section is ‘species’, which is a new way of being able to include additional information regarding specific animals or bird species, or groups of species, without having an extensive collection of photo sets. The articles include a few photos, supported by links to any relevant Flickr album. There are also two data files for classification and general taxonomy details, and access to my personal lists. It’s a new section that will be developed and extended over time.

Those are the three main sections, but tacked on the end I have a final menu tab called ‘musings’, which is a blog of sorts for occasional comments, observations or general wildlife related articles. It’s a section that I’ll be starting from scratch rather than dragging content across from the old site, hence my decision to give it a new name that’s more in keeping with its purpose.  If you’ve read this far and would like to know more about the history of ‘tickspics’ you may be interested to read the initial article - 'the creation, demise and reincarnation of a website'.


I hope that this new format proves successful. Time will tell, but if you enjoy what you see, why not ‘bookmark’ the site so that you can periodically return to catch up on our travel exploits and associated wildlife photography adventures.

Let me know what you think.

Website Structure ....

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