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As previously noted, 'tickspics' is primarily a personal website - somewhere to display a few of my images and write about places I’ve visited or species I’ve seen.  It is not a commercial website, as I have no direct interest in trying to sell my photos.  There are many professional wildlife photographers who take far better pictures than me whose images are used to promote their work and make a living.  My photography is for personal pleasure.  


Notwithstanding the above comments, my images are still 'my photos' and, as such, I need to ensure that 'my copyright’ is protected and that permission is sought for any possible required usage.  In this respect please send me a message with details of the required photo and intended use.  In most cases I’ll be happy to grant permission as long as the photo is credited accordingly, ideally with a link back to this website.  Obviously it’s nice to have your work recognised and, as such, I’m always pleased to see my photos published in various on-line articles, calendars, magazines, books etc.


However, if a photo is sought for a specific marketing requirement associated with a profit-making venture then it would be only fair to negotiate an appropriate fee especially if a full-size resolution file is required.




All of the photos on this website have been taken by me and are of truly wild animals or birds in their natural habitat.  In most cases they will have been taken on foot, or from a vehicle or boat. I do not particularly enjoy the confines of a hide, but on occasions they are useful, if not essential, for photographing certain species. There may also be an odd occasion when I will photograph a particular species that has been lured with food, but these will be birds that fend for themselves in the wild.  At the time of writing, my only examples would be birds of prey such as White-tailed Eagles or Red Kites.  I will always disclose details of any such occurrence that falls outside of a normal bird photography hide situation.


The final observation I need to make relates to the various write-ups that I’ve included regarding locations and species. All of these articles are in my own words, but obviously with information sourced from various books or the internet. I like reading and researching, and as a result find it both useful and informative to include relevant and associated details to help make this website more than just a photography site. Given that the internet is such a marvelous source of information, data and facts, it would be quite ridiculous to try to capture that wealth of knowledge within any given write-up. That is not my aim or intention. Nor, do I have any interest in simply copying or referencing such information. However, where certain facts are relevant I will both use and incorporate them into my own write-ups. Arguably all of the source information is in the public domain and, as such, is freely available, but in the case of this website there is no situation where I have directly copied an article or even a paragraph.




Following on from the above, I’d like to note that whilst I will always try to ensure accuracy of facts, I am not responsible or liable for any inaccuracies. My website is a personal one – one I hope that will be enjoyed by others, and one where I hope that people will find interesting and useful information, but not one where details are referenced or relied on without further research.

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