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This section includes a number of random articles about some of the species that I've seen and photographed over the years that took my interest enough to write a bit about them. In most, but not necessarily all cases, they're about an animal or bird that I've spent a bit of time with. Some articles relate to a specific subject, whilst others, such as African Hornbills for example, look at a group of related species. There's no favouritism, and there's no particular order, apart from separating the feathered variety from those with fur or scales.  


Although I fully intend to add new content to this page from time to time, a number of these write-ups are taken, or have been adapted from, information that was on my original website, either in the form of photo set introductions or accompanying comments. Sadly, those photo sets no longer exist, so rather than lose the associated information I've used some of it here. 


Each of the following sets of articles starts with a 'data file', which is a convenient place for recording useful associated information such as classification and general taxonomy details, and access to my personal lists.  


The traffic light colour-coded dots are : 'green' for completed articles, 'amber' for an article that's either being put together or, in the case of the 'data files', being regularly updated, and 'red' for any intended new articles.


'Data File'

Avian taxonomy - IOC classification of bird orders and families, plus associated personal data for recording and cataloguing species. 

Mar20 | v3

Hyacinth Macaw

A look at the world's largest, and probably noisiest, parrot species - the fascinating Hyacinth Macaw from the Pantanal.

Dec18 | v3

Diurnal 'Birds of Prey'

Classification - a taxonomic overview of the orders and families that come under the general category of raptor, including vultures.


African Hornbills

Following a brief introduction to hornbills in general, this article takes a closer look at eight of the species I've photographed. 

Dec18 | v2

Mull - Sea Eagles

A personal account of a private, late afternoon boat charter on Loch Tuath to photograph White-tailed Eagles.

Dec18 | v2

African Bee-eaters

Having enjoyed some good sessions with

these beautiful birds it seemed natural to write about the different species that I've seen. 

Dec18 | v2

Shorebirds / Waders

Classification - a taxonomic overview of all the various families and subfamilies that make up this large and diverse group of birds.


coming soon
coming soon


'Data File'

A personal reference document to assist with the classification of certain animal species, primarily of the class Mammalia and Reptilia.

Jan19 | v1

African Elephants

An adaptation of a short piece I penned back 

in 2015 to accompany a photo set in respect and support of 'World Elephant Day'.


Hawksbill Turtle

Having spent many hours both watching and photographing this 'critically endangered' species it just had to feature in an article.

Dec18 | v2

The 'Salmon Bears'

Coastal bears of the Great Bear Rainforest, Grizzly, Black and 'Spirit'.


African Safari Animals (1)

Carnivores - a few facts about the animal species I've seen and photographed whilst

on safari in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

Mar20 | v3


Some interesting facts and information about the Giant Anteater and the Southern Tamandua

as seen and photographed in the Pantanal. 

Dec18 | v2

Galapagos Sea Lion

This article is an adaptation of a short piece

I wrote to accompany a special photo set in

memory of our time in Galapagos.

Dec18 | v2

African Safari Animals (2)

Ungulates - a few facts about the animal species I've seen and photographed whilst

on safari in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

Dec19 | v2


An informative article about this exceptionally timid semi-aquatic rodent that I spent a week  in France trying to photograph.

Dec18 | v2

Marine Iguana

This is another article that's been adapted from the introduction to an old photo set that was compiled in memory of our time in Galapagos.

Dec18 | v2

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