A section for occasional articles, personal comment, groans and random thoughts, appertaining to various matters that are either directly or loosely connected with wildlife photography and the content of this website; hence ‘musings’, which is a far more appropriate title than calling it a 'blog' page.

Accepting a smartphone's role in present-day photography ....

30 September 2019  |  smartphones

My long-held personal feelings towards viewing photos on a mobile and the use of smartphones generally for photography have changed somewhat over the past few weeks, simply because I decided to pull my head out of the sand to take a better, and more open-minded, look at the way the devices are being used.

Producing a 'mobile friendly' SEO compliant website ....

27 August 2019  |  optimising for mobile

Following on from my previous post, it seems to me that in today’s technology-dependent world you’re penalised to some degree if you have an internet presence that isn’t ‘mobile friendly’. Even a personal, non-commercial website like this one needs to fulfil certain SEO requirements in order to survive, and to be listed and found on Google. I discovered this the hard way when I lost my original site, and must learn from the experience and accept that more websites are now viewed on a mobile than a computer.

The creation, demise and reincarnation of a website ....

05 August 2019  |  website history

The original ’tickspics' website was over four years in the making before finally going live in 2017, and was then only operational for just over a year before it was effectively killed off by an unwanted system update. It was an upsetting experience, but like the proverbial 'phoenix rising from the ashes' the website has survived; reincarnated in a new form and on a new platform. Admittedly, this post is more of a personal reminder of the sequence of events, but I thought that writing a bit about the website history would be a good way of starting this new section. 

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