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From the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco down to the savanna grasslands of East Africa, around the unique and remote island archipelagos of Seychelles and Galápagos, and from the rainforests of Central and South America to the wetlands of the Pantanal, our wildlife travel adventures have given us some truly wonderful and unforgettable experiences.


I would like to have followed that introduction by saying that I’m a hardened explorer and adventurer but, although that romantic notion floats around somewhere at the back of my mind, it would be a very imaginative overstatement. In truth I’m simply an enthusiastic amateur photographer with a simple love of nature and travel, and the desire to see as much wildlife as possible in its natural environment.


My only regret is that for various reasons, primarily down to time and money, my wife and I were not able to travel as we are now when we were younger. As a result it’s unlikely that we’ll now get to some of the places we use to dream of visiting such as Australia. But the world is a big place and you can’t do everything, which is why we’re totally content in focusing our attentions and most of our long-haul trips between Africa and South America rather than starting to explore new regions.   


This section includes a number of write-ups about many of the places we’ve visited. Some are more about the location and habitat than the actual trip, whilst others are a record of what we experienced. 



East African safari destinations, plus write-ups on Gambia, Morocco and Bird Island - Seychelles


Accounts of our trips to Costa Rica,

the Galápagos Islands, Southern Pantanal, Peruvian Amazon and Great Bear Rainforest



Iceland, Kuusamo - Finland, Danube Delta - Romania, 

Extremadura - Spain, and Mallorca

"the need to protect wildlife and safeguard the world’s natural habitat has never been greater,

for man will not be granted a second chance"

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