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With more trips planned to South America I know that it’s only a matter of time before I’ll end up breaking this album down to separate birds from animals as I’ve done for Africa. But, for now, I’m happy that all the featured images from this region are displayed together

as originally intended, even though the set is much larger than I wanted it to be. In fact it’s my largest ‘collections’ album by far.  

Even so, there were quite a few more photos of some animals that I would like to have included, and similarly with birds, as there are many species that I simply didn’t have room to feature.   

The following thumbnails expand when clicked. You can then scroll through the images in either the 'standard view', or an alternative 'compact view' (via the info button) if you wish to see where the photo was taken and read about the encounter and/or the species.

Whilst my albums are optimised for viewing on a desktop monitor or larger laptop, there is an optional 'full screen' mode for tablets or notebooks. But, please note that if you do use this mode on a smaller device, the top and/or bottom of some photos may

be clipped, and if you leave your curser over the image the navigation overlay backgrounds may be visible.  

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