Although we’ve enjoyed many holidays and city breaks in Europe over the years, we’ve only made a few trips for the specific purpose of wildlife photography.  At present our love of Africa and the Neotropics will always come before any trip to Europe, primarily due to the habitat and opportunities for photographing a variety of animal species in addition to birds. Although there are a few countries in Europe where it’s possible to see animals, most destinations are primarily for birds.  I’m sure that we’ll get to explore a few of these places in the future, but for now if we’re looking to go somewhere closer to home we’re just as likely to drive up to Scotland. Our favourite places are the Cairngorms and the Isle of Mull. Whilst I haven’t featured Scotland here, simply because I don’t relate to those trips the same way as overseas travel, I have indirectly written about a couple of our visits in related ‘species’ articles.



Iceland - 'land of fire and ice'

Iceland - 'revisited'

Kuusamo - Finland

Danube Delta - Romania

Extremadura - Spain

Extremadura - 'revisited'

Northwest Mallorca

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