Galápagos - 'species list'

This list of all the animal and bird species I saw and photographed during our tour of the Galápagos Islands in 2015 

accompanies the associated write-up and photo gallery.  As there are a number of species that don't feature in the

main 'collections' album I've taken this opportunity to include a few thumbnail images of some of them.

-  KEY -

List shows species and/or subspecies (ssp) with common English and scientific name

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species : Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR)

Endemic species : only found in Galápagos,  Endemic subspecies : only found in Galapagos, although other closely related subspecies are found elsewhere,  Native : found in Galapagos and elsewhere, but arrived naturally rather than introduced, Resident : equivalent to native, but breeds on the islands,  Migrant : regular visitor.

Animals (mammals, reptiles, crabs)

Galápagos Sea Lion (EN)

   [Zalophus wollebacki]


Galápagos Fur Seal (EN)

   [Arctocephalus galapagoensis]


Galápagos Giant Tortoise (VU)

   [Geochelone nigrita]

   [Geochelone hoodensis]

   [Geochelone microphyes]


Galápagos Green Turtle (EN)

   [Chelonia mydas, ssp.agassisi]


Marine Iguana (VU)

   [Amblyrhynchus critatus]


Land Iguana (VU)

   [Conolophus subcristatus]


Lava Lizard

   [Microlophus albemarlensis]

   [Microlophus grayi]

Sally Lightfoot Crab

   [Grapsus grapsus]


Common Dolphin

   [Delphinus delphis]


Bottle-nosed Dolphin

   [Tursiops truncatus]

Endemic species

Endemic species

Endemic species



Resident subspecies

Endemic species

Endemic species

Endemic species




Regularly seen

Regularly seen


Galápagos Penguin (EN)

   [Spheniscus mendiculus]


Flightless Cormorant (VU)

   [Phalacrocorax harrisi]


Brown Pelican

   [Pelecanus occidentalis, ssp.urinator]


Waved Albatross (CR)

   [Phoebastria irrorata]


Galápagos Shearwater

   [Puffinus subalaris]

Elliot’s Storm Petrel 

   (aka. White-vented Storm Petrel)

   [Oceanites gracilis, ssp. galapagoensis]


Red-billed Tropicbird

   [Phaethon aethereus, ssp.melanorhynchos]


Swallow-tailed Gull

   [Creagrus furcatus]


Lava Gull (VU)

   [Leuophaeus fuliginosus]


Brown Noddy

   [Anous stolidus, ssp.galapagensis]


Great Frigatebird

   [Fregata minor, ssp.ridgwayi]


Magnificent Frigatebird

   [Fregata magnificens]


Blue-footed Booby

   [Sula nebouxii, ssp.excisa]


Red-footed Booby

   [Sula sula, ssp.rubripes]


Nazca Booby

   [Sula granti]

Endemic species

Endemic species

Endemic subspecies

Endemic species

Endemic species

Endemic subspecies


Resident subspecies

Endemic species



Endemic species

Endemic subspecies

Resident subspecies

Resident population

Endemic subspecies

Endemic subspecies

Resident species

Waterbirds and Shorebirds

American Flamingo

   [Phoenicopterus ruber]

Lava Heron

   [Butorides sundevalli]


Striated Heron

   (aka. Mangrove Heron)

   [Butorides striata]


Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

   [Nyctanassa violacea, ssp.pauper]

American Oystercatcher

   [Haematopus palliates, ssp.galapagensis]


Wandering Tattler

   [Tringa incana]


Semipalmated Plover

   [Charadrius semipalmatus]


Least Sandpiper

   [Calidris minutilla]



   [Calidris alba]



   (aka. Hudsonian Curlew)

   [Numenius phaeopus, ssp.hudsonicus]

White-cheeked Pintail

   [Anas bahamensis, ssp.galapagensis]

Resident population

Endemic species

Resident species


Endemic subspecies

Endemic subspecies









Endemic subspecies


Galápagos Hawk (VU)

  [Buteo galapagoensis]


Short-eared Owl

   [Asio flammeus, ssp.galapagoensis]


Smooth-billed Ani

   [Crotophaga ani]


Galápagos Mockingbird

   [Mimus parvulus]


Floreana Mockingbird (EN)

   (aka. Charles Mockingbird)

   [Mimus trifasciatus]


Española Mockingbird (VU)

   (aka. Hood Mockingbird)

   [Mimus macdonaldi]


San Cristóbal Mockingbird (EN)

   (aka. Chatham Mockingbird)

   [Mimus melanotis]


Galápagos Flycatcher

   [Myiarchus magnirostris]


Mangrove Warbler 

   (aka. Galápagos Yellow Warbler)

   [Setophaga petechia, ssp.aureola]


Medium Ground Finch

   [Geospiza fortis]


Small Ground Finch

   [Geospiza fuliginosa]


Common Cactus Finch

   [Geospiza scandens]


Woodpecker Finch (VU)

   [Camarhynchus pallidus]


Green Warbler-Finch (VU)

   [Certhidae olivacea]

Endemic species



Endemic subspecies






Endemic species



Endemic species




Endemic species




Endemic species




Endemic species



Endemic subspecies




Endemic species



Endemic species



Endemic species



Endemic species



Endemic species

- Lava Lizard -

- White-cheeked Pintail -

- Red-billed Tropicbird -

- Swallow-tailed Gull -

- Magnificent Frigatebird -

- Wandering Tattler -

- Semipalmated Plover -

- Least Sandpiper -

- Smooth-billed Ani -

- Galápagos Flycatcher -

- Galápagos Yellow Warbler -

- Small Ground Finch (male) -

- Small Ground Finch (female) -

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