Going live

Well, today’s the day - the day I clicked the switch to make an operationally ‘live’ website.

I’m not sure why I decided to do it today as the date has no significance; nor is the site complete. But, after many hundreds of hours of work over the past four years or so, I’ve had to accept that it will never be fully ready and will always be a ‘work in progress’ project. I will now treat it as such - a labour of love as an extension of my wildlife photography hobby.

I suppose the problem, if it really is a problem, is that this whole venture has developed and expanded way beyond the original concept I had back in 2013 when I first sketched out what I wanted to achieve. Looking at the current site statistics, I see there are nearly 200 separate page sections. The majority of these can be easily found from the main menu tabs, but there are also some sections that are a hidden away to one degree or another and only accessible via links. Whilst this was done intentionally to keep the focus on the main content, I decided to add a user-friendly SiteMap to act as a full index, and as a tool to help me manage the site. This SiteMap currently shows that there are 20+ travel section write-ups together with 27 location-based photo sets - my ‘selections’. And then, around 50 additional photo sets for species categorised under eight grouped ‘collections’. There are already well over 3000 photos just within these two main galleries. I then have my ‘journal' section and this new ‘weblog' of which this is the first entry. So, yes, it’s grown quite big!

Virtually all of the main sections are up-to-date and fully functional. The exception being the ‘other birds’ ‘collections’ set, which I’m still developing. There are also two ‘hidden’ sections that need work. The first is ‘my gear’ where I intend to add some equipment photos within the rather lengthy write-ups. The other is ‘taxonomy’, which I intend to fully review in order to put more importance on the IOC bird list as the forward-looking standard. This list is now widely regarded as the most current, and is also the list that will be formally adopted by the BOU. In future I will treat the IOC as the main authority particularly in respect of species and families, but use their list in conjunction with the on-line TiF (Taxonomy in Flux) system.

So, that’s where the site stands today. It’s ‘live’ and available to view, but is not going to be promoted until the previously noted sections are updated. At that stage, I hope that my time will be more geared towards periodic updates and occasional ‘weblog’ entries. In the meantime, if anybody has managed to access the site and has read this message, I would be grateful to receive notification of any errors or non-functioning links.

Best wishes to all, safe travels and happy togging.

Tony - ‘tickspics'
Thursday, 22nd June 2017