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My D850 diary come 'blog' section .....

What I’m trying to achieve, best explained by the following Q&A’s :

What is the purpose of this D850 diary when there’s already so much information available on the internet?
First and foremost, it’s a personal record for me - an easily accessible place where I can record my thoughts and observations. Anybody that’s looking for a fully comprehisive review of the camera should be looking elsewhere. A simple Google search will list out numerous D850 articles, most of which will be from trusted review sites or well-known photographers (see the closing paragraphs on this page). I am not trying to compete with any of this information.

Why do I feel a need to do have a diary?
I’m currently using a matched pair of D810’s for all my wildlife photography. To date this has been my best option even though the D810 has its limitations. The D5 or even the D500 could have been a good choice for a second camera but, for reasons I’ve noted elsewhere, I’ve resisted purchasing either of these as I was hopeful that Nikon would release a new professional full-frame camera to bridge the gap between the lower spec'd D750 and the top of the range D5. I wanted a completely new model, which I was calling the D900. And, later an upgrade of the D810, as in a D820. I would then have two cameras to suit different requirements - the D900 for ‘action’ and the D820 for ‘high-resolution’.

I certainly didn’t expect Nikon to bring out a camera that, on paper, appears to fulfil both functions. If it performs as well as they say and remains hand-holdable it could be an almost perfect wildlife camera. I’d then have to decide whether to keep one of my D810’s as a spare and second camera when on safari or, in time, swap out both D810’s so that I have two D850’s. But, already something tells me that wouldn’t be the right decision and that, even if the D850 is as good as it’s cracked up to be, it should be supplemented with a model with different attributes. That could take me back to looking at the next generation of the D5. Obviously any decisions I make in this respect will be very important, which is why I thought that it was worth the effort in keeping a diary to record my experiences with the D850. And given that I now have my own website, to share that diary with anybody that has an interest or is possibly in a similar situation.

What will it focus on?
Primarily the features and functions that I regularly use, and those I may use in the future. Consequently, there will be many functions of the camera that are important to others that I will not cover, such as video and multi-media use. Please remember that this is not a review of the D850. It is purely an ongoing record of my experiences together with various bits of information that I feel an urge to write about.

What will the format be?
I’ve started with a short 'prelims section' that, in addition to this page, includes three pieces of information. First off are some reminders of the problems I’ve experienced with the D810 and what I wanted from a new camera. It will be a useful record to look back on in the future. Next is an extract from my September 2017 quarterly journal that I wrote shortly after Nikon’s official announcement. And finally, an entry entitled ‘rumours, announcements and first reviews’.

The diary will then take the format of a ‘blog’ starting with the headline specifications of the camera and some important comparisons with the D810. This will be followed by some initial notes regarding some of the key features or functions I’m looking forward to use, together with a couple of important considerations regarding memory cards, computers and lenses. Hopefully I will then have the camera and will be able to start posting ad hoc articles relating to my experiences in using it in real situations - no fancy testing or in-depth analysis, just personal impressions and honest comment.

Will any of it be useful for others?
Possibly, if you’re a wildlife photographer and Nikon user, and you’re happy picking out bits of information that you find interesting. But please, just remember that none of this is official. Everything here is written by me - they are my personal thoughts, views and observations.

Tony - 'tickspics'
Sunday, 1st October 2017