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The decision to start this D850 diary

Extract from my 2017 Q3 (July - September) journal entry
Now, far more interesting news, was Nikon’s announcement on 24th August regarding the launch of their new, high-resolution, full frame camera - the D850. I doubt that anyone who is reading this will have read all my previous write-ups about waiting for a D900 - a camera that I hoped would be released to fill the gap between the D750 and the D5. This was on the basis that the D810 is a specialist high-megapixel camera and, therefore, separated from the mainstream full-frame line up. The new model I was looking for would probably be around 24Mp, shooting at 7/8 frames per second. It would have the D5/D500 AF system and would give me virtually everything I was missing - see 'here' (the D810 struggles in Finland - see footnote ), 'here' (D810 - not for ‘action’ or high ISO) and similarly 'here' (final paragraph). It was a bit of wishful thinking. A bit like waiting for the mythical D400 but then, just as you’re starting to give up hope, Nikon surprising us with the professional level, high-specification, DX crop-frame D500. The situation with the D850 is not dissimilar, albeit with a shorter waiting time. Despite all the rumours that were circulating prior to launch, I think it’s fair to say that Nikon has still managed to impress everyone with what they’re offering. Okay, I had the name wrong, but my hunch about the D900 was purely because I couldn’t see Nikon’s millennium year passing by without something of note being announced. But what I certainly didn’t expect was a camera that would be both high-resolution and relatively high-speed. Everything rolled into one. A camera that would meet the requirements of many. A camera, that to a degree, takes the D500, D810 and D5 and puts them all together.

So yes, not surprisingly I have one on pre-order. If it’s what its cracked up to be, and the high 46Mp sensor doesn’t prove a step too far for handholding then, in theory, it’s almost the perfect wildlife camera. It won’t have the really fast 10-12 frames per second shooting speed, or indeed the low light high-ISO performance of the D5, but there has to be some compromise. In my own simple way I will evaluate the camera and, for personal reference, will keep a D850 diary running, starting with the problems and experiences I’ve already highlighted with the D810, and then running through my requirements. I will then compare the specifications of the two cameras in respect of the features that affect me and will, over time, see if the new model improves my photography. I will set this up as a sub-section of ‘my gear’ together with a direct link from the home page.

Note : I’ve deliberately disabled the various ‘here’ links shown above as all of those comments have now been brought together on one page, entitled ‘'what I'd written prior to the announcements'.