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In line with most template-based website formats, this menu-tabbed section was originally entitled ‘links’. However, that commonly used title was a bit limiting so, as you can see, I’ve renamed it ‘InfoData’. This was the most appropriate abbreviated name that I could think of for a convenient, quick-access reference section for general information, internet source data and useful websites, as well as somewhere to list a few of my regularly used field guides and reference books.

Whilst many of the notes and links in this section have been added for personal reference, I believe that there is a lot of information here that could be useful to others. The problem with the internet is that there is so much information available that you can easily be overwhelmed by it all. You may be more organised and disciplined in this respect than I am, but I often find that I simply forget that I have certain websites bookmarked or, even if I look through the list, can’t remember why they were saved in the first place! I then click on them to either find that the link no longer works, or that the bookmarked page is out of date or simply irrelevant for my current requirements. This is why I wanted to separate and group some of these links, together with an explanatory note regarding their interest. And, by having them all here in one place for quick reference, I should be able to keep a better eye on any changes, updates or broken links.

For many the electronic world of the internet and the ability to search and find information so easily is the only resource they need. But for others, particular those that want even quicker and more convenient access to information, nothing beats a book. And more so when you’re trying to research something in detail, or want to identify a species where you need to flick through similar descriptions or, indeed, want to compare one book with another. Personally I love books. I’m totally happy reading fiction on my Kindle, but for reference material I have to have a proper book. Over the years I’ve accumulated a small natural history library of just over 60 books. Many of the bird guides relate specifically to countries we’ve visited, but many more are related to a particular subject or species. Some of these have proven particularly useful, so I thought it made sense to feature a few in this section.

Rather than simply have a long list of links, I’ve separated the information into the following categorised sub-sections where I’ve mixed internet resource sites with details of any relevant books :-
Bird taxonomy
Website links for the primary bird taxonomy authorities and their associated checklists, plus a couple of other related websites, followed by details of a rather interesting book about scientific bird names.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, followed by details of a number of my favourite animal and bird reference books.

Ecozones and habitats
Online resources for general information relating to ecozones and habitats, together with details of a couple of specialist books.

Local patch
Website links to a few local organisations and personal blogs.