Avian taxonomy - general introduction and expanded index .....

My original taxonomy notes were intended for personal reference, which is why I deliberately put them in a semi-hidden section. However, as I've been adding additional content, the section has grown quite significantly and, whilst all of the associated pages are listed on the SiteMap, it seemed appropriate to include a more detailed content index to provide quicker access. I could have included a taxonomy section title within the main site menu incorporating a separate drop-down list, but the problem with that approach is that the listing would be abridged and confusing, whereas this expanded index provides a far more detailed overview of the contents.

I fully appreciate that this particular section will have limited appeal, but I found it interesting to compile and, therefore, hope that it will provide some useful information for anybody that has a general interest in the somewhat complex subject of avian taxonomy.
Understanding taxonomy listings (issue 2 : July 17)
This document was originally compiled from various notes that I had accumulated when I first started looking at taxonomic listings - it covers :-
  • Background to taxonomy,
  • Binomial nomenclature,
  • Scientific names,
  • Nomenclature v classification,
  • Current taxonomic listings,
  • Cladistics,
  • Species and subspecies,
  • Further separations and/or commonly used terms,
  • Ranking levels and naming.

Understanding bird orders and families (issue 2 : July 17)
This latest issue is a complete re-write of the original document that I put together at the end of 2015 when I was trying to understand why there were so many disparities between the primary taxonomy listings - it includes :-
  • General notes,
  • Personal observations.
Followed by some associated information regarding :-
  • Taxonomy in Flux (TiF)
  • IOC (international Ornithological Congress)
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - eBird/Clements
  • HBW/BirdLife
  • BTO (British Trust for Ornithology)
  • TiF 3.08 (May 17) v IOC 7.2 (April 17) - the new orders

Non-passerine checklists :
These simplified ‘checklists’ accompany the ‘understanding bird orders and families’ document :-

Maintained and current :
  • IOC - 'World Bird List' 2017 v7.2

Retained for reference purposes :
  • Cornell - eBird/Clements Checklist v2015 (Dec.15)

And finally, an adapted list that acts as an accompanying reference document for the bird photo ‘collections’ sets :
NB. Notwithstanding the final note at the bottom of the page, I may include a simplified ‘Taxonomy in Flux’ based 'passerine families list' at some point in the future.

Detailed listings with additional notes for certain featured groups of species :
This series of documents includes additional information and an expanded taxonomy listing for each of these particular groups of species that have their own dedicated photo collection set.

Related documents and lists :

Taxonomic updates record
This is a periodically updated record of any known published changes in taxonomic data, such as :
  • Any re-categorisation of species affecting either their order or family,
  • Any re-categorisation of species affecting their genus,
  • Any common name changes.
where the changes relate specifically to the content of this website, particularly information contained in :
  • Any of the non-passerine checklists,
  • Any of the detailed species listings,
  • Any of the introductions to the bird photo collection sets,
  • Any photo captions or associated notes,
  • Any of the scientific names on my ‘World Bird List’, similarly on the IUCN ‘threatened species’ list.

NB. Whilst I'd like to keep the site updated and current at all times, the fluid state of bird taxonomy at present makes the task quite difficult. I certainly don’t want to be constantly looking to make changes. However, routinely checking for any ‘Taxonomy in Flux’ updates or 'IOC World Bird List’ proposals or changes on a monthly basis is relatively easy if I only take note of the information that directly affects the content of this site. This is one of the reasons why I have, to date, avoided the inclusion of any detailed information or lists regarding passerines - simply because I would not have the time to keep it updated.