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Introduction and Copyright

First and foremost, this website has been ‘built’ for my personal enjoyment and for the purpose of having somewhere to record my travel and wildlife photographic experiences.

At the time of writing the website still needs a lot of work and, consequently, it's some way off being made live, so I have no idea whether it will attract any interest. I sincerely hope it does and that others will enjoy reading about the places we visit and looking at my photos. Whilst the emphasis is on travel and wildlife photography, there will be lots of other information relating to habitats, species, photographic equipment etc.

The primary purpose though is to have a convenient and easily accessible location where I can showcase some of my wildlife photos. It is not a commercial website as I have no real interest in selling my photos. That was not the intention, as there are many wildlife photographers who are far better than me and take their pictures in order to sell them. However, whilst I’m not looking to earn money from this venture, I do want to ensure that my ‘copyright’ is protected and that permission is sought for any possible required usage. In this respect, please send me a message via my ‘contact’ page with details of the required photo and information about its intended use. In most cases I’ll be quite happy to grant permission as long as the photo is credited accordingly, ideally with a link back to this website. It’s nice to have your work recognised and, as such, I’m always pleased to see my photos published in various magazines, newsletters, calendars, books etc. But if, by any chance, a photo is required for specific commercial marketing use then I would expect to be making the full-size resolution file available at a small fee.


This website has been designed and ‘built’ by me. I had no prior knowledge of website construction, HTML coding, CSS etc. and, therefore, took the slightly easier route of constructing it from modifying and adapting the standard templates offered by the Clikpic system. Consequently, the website is both powered and hosted via I had a similar situation with the various maps that I’ve incorporated into my travel information pages. I tried using Google maps without success, and then found that I could make my own simple maps using They can be viewed separately on the stepmap website where I am credited as the author.

Another point I’d like to mention again is that all of the photos on this website have been taken by me and, apart from those in one particular 'collections' set as noted below, are of truly wild animals or birds photographed within their natural habitat. In most cases they will have been taken on foot, from a vehicle or boat. I do not particularly enjoy the confines of a hide, but on occasions they are useful, if not essential, for photographing certain species. There may also be an odd occasion when I will photograph a particular species that has been lured with food, but again these will be birds or animals that fend for themselves in the wild. The only example I can think of at the moment is where food is used to attract birds of prey, such as at the Galloway Red Kite Feeding Station. In all cases like this I will make reference to where the photo was taken.

Notwithstanding the above, I have to confirm that prior to retiring, when both time and money were more constrained, there would be occasions when we would visit an animal park or conservation centre. Whilst I love the excitement of a safari-type adventure with the thrill and anticipation of seeing wild animals in their natural environment, it's a fact that trips like this can be very expensive and, consequently, from a practical point of view, it has to be accepted that finances will, almost certainly, govern what one can do. We're fortunate living where we do as we have good access to the New Forest and Dorset coastline and countryside, but whilst these areas may provide some decent opportunities for photographing birds, there are only limited possibilities in the way of other wildlife, and certainly nothing truly wild and dangerous! So, I accept, that there are occasions when it would make a nice change to have a day out at a wildlife park to get some close-up photos that you would be lucky to get in the wild. And, with an increasing interest in wildlife and focus on conservation, it's good to see that many of these parks are specialising in rare and endangered species. Quite a number of those we used to visit have active breeding and associated rehabilitation programmes, and are genuinely doing their best for the welfare of the animals. Some of these specialist centres are worth visiting; of particular note being the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent, the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey and Monkey World in Dorset. I did not originally intend to feature any photos of captive animals, but in looking back through my Flickr albums I realised that many of my close-up shots had received good numbers of views and, therefore, I decided that I would include one specific set within the 'collections' gallery. It's a set purely dedicated to big cat head portraits, where I have made open disclosure of where and when each photo was taken. I decided to include these photos as most of them are of species that I will almost certainly never have the opportunity to see in the wild.

The final observation I need to make relates to the various write-ups that I’ve included regarding locations and species. All of these are in my own words, but obviously with information sourced from various books or the internet. I like reading and researching, and as a result find it both useful and informative to include relevant and associated details to help make this website more than just a personal photography site. Given that the internet is such a marvelous source of information, data and facts, it would be quite ridiculous to try to capture that wealth of knowledge within any given write-up. That is not my aim or intention. Nor, do I have any interest in simply copying or referencing such information. However, where certain facts are relevant I will both use and incorporate them into my own write-ups. Arguably all of the source information is in the public domain and, as such, is freely available, but in the case of this website there is no situation where I have directly copied an article or even a paragraph.


Following on from the above, I’d like to note that whilst I will always try to ensure accuracy of facts, I am not responsible or liable for any inaccuracies. My website is a personal one – one I hope that will be enjoyed by others, and one where I hope that people will find interesting and useful information, but not one where details are referenced or relied on without further research.