A bit of information about the Neotropics ecozone and the places we’ve visited within the region …..

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Geographically the Neotropics ecozone incorporates the whole of South and Central America, the Caribbean and, perhaps surprisingly, the southern tropical portion of Florida. As with most of the world’s ecozones its wildlife habitats are very varied covering, for example, the rain and cloud forests of Monteverde and the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, the vast Amazon basin, the Pantanal and Everglades wetlands and, of course the Galapagos archipelago, which is classified as being one of the most unique and biologically outstanding areas on earth. It has more tropical rainforest than any other ecozone and has many endemic bird families, plus a number of unique mammal groups such as anteaters, sloths, armadillos and new world monkeys.


NB. This map currently excludes southern Florida and the top part of Central America, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The countries and/or areas that we've visited within the region are shown on the map and listed below.
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Costa Rica
Ecuador - Tandayapa Valley
Galapagos Islands
Peru - 'Andes to Amazon'
Brazil - Southern Pantanal