A bit of information about the Afrotropics ecozone and the places we’ve visited within the region …..

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With the exception of the southern tip of Africa, most of the Afrotropics zone is classed as being tropical. The region is separated from the Palearctic by a broad belt of deserts (broadly known as the Sahara) in the north. The total region comprises West, East and South Africa, the southern and eastern fringes of the Arabian peninsula, the western Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The African continent varies greatly north to south with many different wildlife habitats. In simplistic terms, below the Sahara, there’s a transitional zone of tropical grassland and savannah (the Sahel) that runs across from the Atlantic to the Ethiopian highlands, followed by a forest zone (Congo basin) and the East African savannahs (Great Rift Valley) and then, in the south, the miombo woodlands and bushveld of the South African plateau, and the Namibia and Kalahari deserts.


The countries and/or areas that we've visited within the region are shown on the map and listed below.
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The Gambia - Makasutu Forest and a more detailed write-up entitled The Gambia (revisited)
Tanzania (some general information) and the safari destinations of Selous, Ruaha and Katavi
Kenya - Masai Mara
Zambia - South Luangwa
Seychelles - Bird Island